Checklist for Road Service

Points to confirm and watch for when requesting assistance, and information on the type of cars eligible for road service


Make sure that you are safe.

Expressways are extremely dangerous places.
Please call for roadside assistance once you have moved to a safe place, such as the outside of the guard rails away from the highway.

Questions JAF will ask on the phone

Please confirm the following so that we can process your call smoothly.


What kind of car is it?

Please confirm the name of the car, number, and body color.
Eligible Vehicles

What kind of problems are you experiencing?

Please describe in detail your car problems and what you would like JAF to help with*1.

Where is your car?

Please confirm the name of the area, address and landmarks*2.

Do you have your membership card with you?

For those who have their plastic membership cards or digital membership cards, please confirm your membership number.
The Membership Card

*1 Please confirm the road service and the scope of work included using the link below.
Road Service Terms of Use

*2 Landmarks in the event that emergency calls cannot be used on the expressway
Please confirm the name of the expressway, the direction of travel and the posts indicating kilometers. These posts show the distance traveled from the starting point for each expressway, and are displayed every 100 meters on both sides of the road.

Eligible Vehicles

Vehicles and motorcycles weighing 3,000kg or less (maximum load capacity of 2,000kg or less) are eligible for road service.
Buses and trucks exceeding 3,000kg are still eligible for road services limited to refueling and unlocking.
When an electric car and hybrid car run out of power or hydrogen, they will be towed to a charging station or hydrogen station.
Please see here for more information.

Requests When Using Road Service

Please observe the following for the safety of customers and to facilitate our work.

1: Implementing safety measures

In the event of breakdowns or accidents on the road, please take safety measures such as displaying hazard signs to prevent secondary accidents. In particular, expressways and roads exclusively for motor vehicles are extremely dangerous, so please be sure to wait in a safe place, such as on the other side of the guard rails.

2: Work hours

Working on expressways and roads exclusively for motor vehicles is extremely dangerous and in some cases it will take time to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our work. We ask for your cooperation.

3: Confirming identity

Depending on the work involved, JAF will ask for driver’s licenses or auto inspection certificate to confirm identify.

4: Contacting other related parties

In the event that the request for assistance involves a place or possession managed by a third party, please contact the related parties for authorization.

5: Costs incurred for arrival of road service patrol vehicle

In the event that additional costs are incurred for the patrol vehicle to reach the destination, such as parking fees in a pay parking lot or round-trip fare for a car ferry, you will be asked to pay these costs.

6: Repairs of flat tires

Emergency repair of flat tires cannot always be done on site, for example with tires with tubes and the front tires of motorcycles. Please consult the receptionist when calling.

7: High volume of requests for roadside assistance

When requests for roadside assistance are particularly high, such as in periods of heavy rain, snow or during disasters, there may be times when it is difficult to connect by telephone. Please understand that there may be situations when it takes time for the road service patrol vehicle to arrive or they are unable to reach you due to road conditions and other factors.

Revised on March 28, 2018