Family Membership

Family membership and available services

The system allows membership for up to five family members per individual member.
Family members are those who share the same household or living expenses.
Family members can use road services and other member benefits available to the individual member.

Initial family membership fee and annual fee

4,000 yen annually for individual membership, but only 2,000 yen per person for family membership!

Joining fee: Free
Annual fee: 2,000 yen

  • Family members (*) who live with or share living expenses with the holder of an individual membership are eligible for family membership.
  • "Family" is defined as relatives in the Civil Code. Note that "family" includes partners.
  • As long as they share the same living expenses, family members can join even if they temporarily live apart (e.g. job transfer away from home or student). Individual membership.
  • Up to five people per individual member can join as family members.
    Membership cards will be issued in the names of each applicant.
  • The membership card can only be used by the family member to which it is issued.
  • Family members can use road services, membership benefits and other services available to the individual member.
  • Expiration for family membership is the expiration month of the corresponding individual membership.
  • Depending on the time of enrollment, membership for the first year may be less than one year (the annual membership fee will still be 2,000 yen).