Family membership

  • Family members (*) who live with or share the same livelihood as the individual members are eligible for the family membership.
    *“Family” refers to relatives as defined in civil law.
    *Family members who share the same livelihood can join even if they temporarily live apart (job transfer away from home or students).
  • Up to five people for every individual member can join with a family membership.
    Member IDs will be issued under the name of each person who applies.
  • Member IDs can be used only the family member who joined.
  • Road service, membership benefits and other services pertaining to the individual membership can be used.
  • The effective expiration date for the family membership is the same as the effective expiration date for the individual membership in question.
    The expiration date for membership in the first year may be less than one year, depending on the date of membership.
    (Even in this case, the annual membership will be 2,000 yen.)

Membership fees

For each family member,

Joining fee …… Free

Annual fee …… 2,000 yen