Find The Importance of Risk Prediction

The importance of risk prediction while driving


The act of driving a car is a cycle of recognition, judgment, and operation.
There is data that the lack of recognition (watching) amounts to 70% of all accidents. Well then, if we look around of carefully, will we not have an accident? There is a limit to what the human eye can see. It’s also difficult to respond to sudden risks that appear from blind spots.


In addition to recognition (watching), risk prevention attempts to prevent accidents with prediction (what if…).
By looking at various traffic scenes and predicting risks in each situation, you can prepare for danger by association.

Through prediction, the response time can also be shortened. From the table below, we can see that the difference is as much as 0.75 seconds. In distance, that is about an eight meter difference at a speed of 40kmh.

Formula: 40,000 m ÷ 3,600 s × 0.75 sec ≈ 8.3 m

Yasuhisa Nagayama, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University

The most important thing about driving a vehicle is to drive safety. To do so, you must understand the types of risks that come with the conditions around you, and make predictions. What will happen next? What is that person going to do now? Getting to know various traffic scenes through these videos will prepare you to respond appropriately when you find yourself in a similar situation. If you always keep these risks in mind while you are driving, you can be flexible and respond to other situations as well, leading to a lifetime of safe driving.