Handling of Customer Harassment at the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)

As a service provider, JAF is committed to listening to the voices of our members and other customers and take action with all sincerity.
On the other hand, if in the case that a request from a customer is deemed to lack in validity, or if there is concern regarding the appropriacy of the means or mode in which to fulfill the request in respect to current social standards (including but not limited to examples 1-8 stated below), JAF reserves the right to refuse provision of services or response to requests. In addition, if a request is determined to be highly malicious, JAF will take necessary action such as consulting with the police or lawyers.

  • 1.When there no defect is found concerning services provided, or if the cause of the damage is not due to willful misconduct or negligence on behalf of the Federation, its officers, or employees.
  • 2.When the content of the request is unrelated to the services provided.
  • 3.When, after clearly stating the reasons for the Federation or an officer or employee not being able to comply with the request, the aforementioned is detained for an extended period of time, thereby interrupting business operations.
  • 4.When the customer repeatedly calls or demands a meeting to discuss an unreasonable request.
  • 5.When the customer makes loud, insulting, character denigrating or defamatory remarks.
  • 6.When the customer frightens an officer or employee by making threatening, intimidating, or menacing remarks, or implies connections with antisocial forces.
  • 7.When the customer wields authority in an attempt to make a request for no justifiable reason, persistently demands special treatment even after being refused, irrationally demands an apology in writing, or forces an officer or employee to get down on his/her hands and knees to beg for forgiveness (dogeza).
  • 8.When the customer is found to have posted information that defames or invades privacy, on social media.