Those who are already members

  • Renewal
  • Address, phone numbers and other changes
  • Changes to other type of membership
  • Membership on referral
  • Reissuance of membership ID card
  • Inherited membership
  • Temporary suspension of membership
  • Cancellation


Call JAF Customer Service Center at the number shown below. You can also get the information regarding JAF partner facilities, membership events, motor sports schedule, and membership procedures.

JAF Customer Service Center


Please contact the JAF Customer Service Center with questions regarding the process for joining, renewing memberships, and changing addresses, as well as the use of discounts and special services at partner facilities , member events, lectures, and obtaining motor sports licenses.
*Please see here for road service requests.

JAF Customer Service Center

Hours:9:00 - 17:30,
closed on year-end and new-year holidays.

(Navi Dial: subject to fees)
(available in English)

  • There is a charge for connections (11 yen/1 minute for fixed phone lines, 11 yen/20 seconds for mobile phones).
    This number cannot be used from some IP phones.
  • Mobile phone communications allowances do not apply in this case.
  • Those using plans with set fees for telephone calls should call 048-840-0036. 
  • Please confirm the telephone number to make sure that you are dialing correctly.
  • The phone call will be recorded for the purpose of improving the quality of customer service and confirming the conversation.
    Phone calls are not recorded for any purpose other than the above. The recorded data thus obtained shall be appropriately saved for a certain period of time and then deleted appropriately.