International Services

List of Contacts for Procedures and Inquires

Branch offices that take inquiries about translations of various driver's licenses issued by JAF and foreign language versions of Rules of the Road.

Hokkaido Headquarters

Tohoku Headquarters

Kanto Headquarters

Chubu Headquarters

Kansai Headquarters

Chugoku Headquarters

Shikoku Headquarters

Kyushu Headquarters

For inquiries by e-mail

If you have any questions regarding the issuance of translations, please check the FAQ first, before contacting us.
For information about Japanese translation of foreign drivers license, please contact:
*We may not be able to answer questions other than those related to Japanese translation of foreign drivers licenese.
*We aim to answer queries within 10 working days.

Branch offices offering Carnet de Passage authentication.

For carnet issue
*CDP are issued about three weeks after the application is received. However, in light of the time required to prepare the documents, we recommend applying at least one month before you plan to export your vehicle from Japan.

We accept advance reservations by email for in-person visits.

For carnet authentication
Be sure that the body of your email includes the cpd holder's name, the local office and the date and the time of your desired visit, and an attached copy of the cover page of the caret.

First choice: xx/xx (day) 00:00-00:00
Second choice: xx/xx (day) 00:00-00:00
Third choice: xx/xx (day) 00:00-00-00

* Applications are accepted at the following eight branch offices.

For office visit reservations and inquiries, please contact:

* We do not accept inquiries about the system for driving in Japan or application for translations at the above email address.
For information about Japanese translation of foreign drivers license, please contact:

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CDP)

Handling of personal information: JAF uses personal information obtained through the carnet certification service only for the purpose of accurately carrying out the service and will not disclose such information to a third party without the consent of the individual concerned. However, if disclosure is requested by a public institute such as a court or police agency in accordance with laws and regulations, the information may be provided. Please refer to Handling of Personal Information for information on the handling of other personal information.

Precautions regarding procedures

[Japanese translation of a foreign driver's license / Chinese translation of a Japanese license]

In general, applications for Japanese translations of foreign driver's licenses can be submitted online through Application for Japanese Translation.