For Visitors Bringing Vehicles with Carnet de Passages en Douane

Authentication of Carnet

Authentication of Carnet

AIT/FIA Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is recognized when you temporarily (up to one year) import your private vehicle to Japan. Before customs clearance, the holder of CPD has to obtain an authentication of carnet at the relevant JAF offices. The CPD authenticafon fee is 3,000 yen per CPD.
We at JAF need following documents and information for issuing an authentication of carnet.


  • 1.Original CPD
  • 2.A list of persons and their address that will drive the vehicle in Japan. (If the third persons use the imported vehicle.)

If a temporarily imported vehicle is registered in a country that is not a party to the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic treaty (as it were, Germany, Switzerland, etc.), it must be inspected and registered in Japan on arrival, even if imported under cover of CPD.
An applicant to who would obtain an authentication of CPD, you should send copies of Registration Certificate with copies of CPD in advance.



JAF branches support carnet certification. Please first make a reservation by email before visiting.

  • 1.A CPD holder should come to the relevant JAF office in person with his/her original CPD. In a particular case, JAF may accept an application by an agent with a letter of proxy for the holder.
  • 2.Submit your original CPD to us and fill in 2 copies of the authentication application form by specifying your address in Japan, the date and place of re-export of the vehicle. Then sign those forms and hand in them to us.
  • 3.We will fill in and return the forms to you if the CPD can be authenticated.
  • 4.Submit both of the forms to customs office when you apply for clearance. They will return signed and sealed one to you. Keep it always with you when you drive your vehicle.

Please send copies of the documents mentioned above by email in advance, and also advise us of the name of customs office (a port) at which you wish to apply for clearance.


  • 1.If you wish to have anyone else other than you drive your vehicle, you have to submit relevant application document(s) to the customs office. We can provide the application document(s) on your request.
  • 2.A CPD holder must have his/her temporarily imported vehicle covered by Japanese Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance before starting to use the vehicle in Japan.
  • 3.Anyone who drives a temporarily imported vehicle must always keep a “Registration Certificate” with him/her, issued for the vehicle, which certificate is prescribed in the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic.
  • 4.If a temporarily imported vehicle is registered in a country that is not a party to the aforementioned Convention, it must be inspected and registered in Japan on arrival, even if imported under cover of CPD.
  • 5.No extension of the validity of CPD is authorized by the Customs authority, unless the holder of the CPD provides sufficient evidences that the vehicle in question is unable to be re-exported from Japan within the validity of the CPD.

    JAF does not issue a CPD to the vehicles registered in foreign countries.

For more information regarding CPD, please refer to the following Website.


* About handling personal information
JAF uses the personal information obtained through operation of authentication of CPD only for the purposes of performing the operation explained above properly and never discloses such information to third parties unless the person in question has given his/her explicit consent. If an official body such as a court, customs office or the police requests JAF to disclose or provide personal information pursuant to the relevant laws or rules, we may provide the information to the corresponding body.