Individual Membership

Individual membership and available services

This is a membership program for individuals joining with their own name.
With a membership card (or digital membership card), road service is available for personal vehicles and motorcycles.
*Limited to the vehicle models eligible for road service.

Initial individual membership and annual fees

Use a credit card to join and get a 500 yen discount on your 2,000 yen joining fee!


Joining fee: 2,000 yen

Annual fee: 4,000 yen

Joining with credit card

Joining fee: 1,500 yen

Annual fee: 4,000 yen

  • This membership is for those who join using their own name (personal name).
  • One membership card will be issued to in the name of the applicant. There is no need to register a vehicle number.
  • Only the member who joined may use the membership card.
  • Road service is available for vehicle models eligible for road service when the member presents the membership card (or digital membership card). Service applies to the member's personal vehicle, company vehicle, rental vehicle, motorcycle, or moped while driving, in addition to those the member is riding in as a passenger.
  • Member preferential services can be used when the member presents the membership card (or digital membership card) at participation member benefit facilities.

Commercial vehicles (green or black number plates) in which the member is riding as a customer are not eligible for road service. Corporate members may designate vehicles when joining.

Take advantage of the joining fee discount program.

There is a joining fee discount program for new members who join.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Three ways to get value for your joining fee

Use your credit card and save

Get a joining fee discount by applying for automatic credit card payment when you join. *1

Pay at once and save

Get a joining fee discount by paying annual fees for multiple years (two, three, or five years) when you join.

Present your Physical Disability Certificate and save

Join for free by applying with a valid Physical Disability Certificate, if you have a physical, mental, or intellectual disability. *2

*1 When applying for a 1-year membership with automatic credit card payment, register your credit card as the payment method for subsequent membership renewal.
*2 Please show us your Physically Disability Certificate when you apply. For more information, visit the JAF Customer Service Center.

  Joining fee+Annual fee
Joining fee savings
One-year membership+Automatic renewal 5,500 yen 500 yen savings
Two-year membership 9,500 yen 500 yen savings
Three-year membership 13,000 yen 1,000 yen savings
Five-year membership 20,000 yen 2,000 yen savings
One-year membership 6,000 yen -