Corporate Membership

  • This type of membership is for those that are joining under the name of a company or organization.
  • There are no limits on the number of vehicles that can be registered.
  • Member ID cards are issued for each vehicle number that has been registered.


The name of the corporation (organization) is listed in column for the owner or user on the auto inspection certificate.

The vehicle number is registered. Only registered vehicles

can receive the service as members.

Even if the owner listed on the auto inspection certificate is a lease company, vehicles for which a corporation is listed in the user column can join JAF.


The expiration date when joining for the first time is the last day of the month in which the membership period expires.

Corporate members cannot apply for a JAF card (a membership ID that also functions as a credit card) or a motor sports license. One copy of the JAF Mate magazine will be issued to the corporation (organization).

Vehicles eligible for registration

Private Vehicles (including mini cars) with a weight of 3,000 kg or less,

and vehicles and motorized bicycles with a maximum carrying capacity of 2,000 kg or less.

※Excludes large special vehicles and small special vehicles

Not Eeligible number plates

Vehicles for business use (green number plates/black number plates)

Temporary numbers
(“dealer’s plate”, “temporary drivers’ plate” outlined in red and “temporary operations plate” )

Membership fees

Joining fee ・・・2,000yen

(first fiscal year only)

Corporate membership fee ・・・2,000yen

Member vehicle fee ・・・2,000yen

Corporate membership fee : An annual fee that each corporation (organization) pays every year.

Member vehicle fee : An annual fee paid for each vehicle registered by a company (organization).

When the first vehicle is registered (first fiscal year), a 2,000 yen joining fee, a 2,000 yen corporate membership fee and a 2,000 yen member vehicle fee are paid. An additional member vehicle fee (2,000 yen) per vehicle is paid for the second and subsequent vehicles. There are no limits on the number of vehicles that can be registered.