JAF’s Handling of Personal Information (Privacy)

JAF appropriately handles the personal information of its members and other customers (hereafter, “customers” based on JAF’s Policy on Protecting Personal Information so that members and others can use JAF services with peace of mind.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

JAF collects personal information for the following purposes:

  • To confirm that the identity of the individual requesting JAF services
  • To send membership cards and JAF’s bulletin to members, carry out procedures such as membership renewal and notify members of such procedures
  • For event and other application procedures and invoices for the attendance fee
  • To acquire statistics on services that members have received and analyze them
  • To request participation in various questionnaires
  • To respond to inquiries from partner companies on member status
  • To contact partner companies with member information
  • To receive requests for help in the event of breakdowns and other incidents from customers of partner companies and to provide information on various services
  • To provide information on membership and renewal for clients whose information acquired appropriately from members and partner companies.
  • To collect claims held by JAF
  • To provide information on JAF My Page (service for members using the Internet)
  • To provide information on JAF’s recruitment activities, respond to inquiries and carry out work related to contacts and recruitment
  • To respond to opinions, requests, inquiries and other
  • To introduce JAF’s activities, such as its promotion of traffic safety activities
  • To prevent accidents, raise the quality of customer response and confirm the content of conversations with customers (images recorded with the dashcam installed in JAF vehicles)
  • To prevent crime (images recorded using security cameras)
  • JAF records conversations with customers in some cases. When the purpose for which the recorded data will be used is conveyed on an individual basis when it is recorded, JAF uses it for this purpose. When there is no individual notification, the recorded data is used as follows:
    (1) to raise the quality of customer response and confirm the content of conversations with customers.
    (2) for a communication within the scope necessary to carry out the request, if there are any requests from the individual when the data is obtained.
    Note: Those information will be managed appropriately to prevent leaks. After the request is accurately ascertained,
    it will be suitably deleted.
  • Development and operation of other new member services We will also provide the following information.
  • If someone other than a member receives JAF services, JAF will provide information on membership in subsequent days.
  • The member may receive notification concerning the procedures for membership renewal, etc., from the branch that handled the membership when joining (or renewing).
  • JAF may provide information to members about affiliated cards and may ask new members to introduce themselves
  • JAF provides information on JAF’s “My Page” registration and other procedures using the registered email address.
  • JAF may provide information on the various procedures after the member has cancelled membership.
  • JAF may provide information on membership based on the introductions from members and affiliated companies.

When the customers provide personal information directly on the written documents, we will clarify the purposes of its use and obtain the individual’s authorization in advance.
When personal information is provided by customers, JAF will not use personal information in such a way that it goes beyond the scope of the purpose of use explained to the customers.

2. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

JAF does not provide third parties with personal information that it has obtained from members without first obtaining their permission. However, the following are exceptions:

  • To comply with laws and regulations;
  • When it is required to protect and save human life, body or financial assets and it is difficult to obtain the individual’s permission;
  • When it is particularly necessary to improve public health and enrich children’s welfare and it is difficult to obtain the individual’s permission; and
  • When JAF deems it necessary to cooperate with a government body, regional public body or its designee in pursuing its duties pursuant to the laws and regulations, and obtaining the individual’s permission could impede the pursuit of these duties.

3. Joint Use of Personal Information

JAF may allow joint use of personal information within the scope required to achieve the purpose of its use. The scope for joint use is as follows:

(1) Joint use for affiliated road service provided in collaboration with business partners

  • A. Personal information used jointly
    Name, gender, address, telephone number, date of birth, member number and expiration date, e-mail address, information pertinent to affiliated road service
  • B. Joint users  Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • C. Purpose of use 
    To confirm the identify of the user when the affiliated service is provided; to determine whether the affiliate service has been provided; to provide other affiliated services; to send information regarding affiliated services provided in written documents, phone calls and e-mail; to provide information and have questionnaires; to communicate with members required for affiliated service; to analyze after statistical processing.
  • D. Name of person with responsibility for managing personal information  
    Japan Automobile Federation
  • E. Address and name of party in charge of managing personal information
      Please refer to Corporate Overview on this website.
  • F. Method of acquiring: Information is acquired from forms such as the membership application

4. Consignment of Personal Information

JAF may consign part or all of its customers’ personal information to an outside service provider with whom it has concluded a confidentiality agreement within the scope deemed necessary to achieve the purposes of use outlined in “1. Collection and Use of Personal Information,” such as sending the JAF member ID and the JAF journal and notifying members of member renewals. In this case, JAF will appropriately manage and supervise the service provider’s handling of personal information to ensure that personal information is managed safely.

Moreover, the personal information entrusted to partner companies in consignment of operations shall be used only within the scope of the agreement with JAF.

5. Protection and Management of Personal Information

JAF takes appropriate safety measures with regards to the personal information it has obtained from customers to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leaks or other.
Please see the following for information on JAF’s website and handling of e-mail.

Please see below for information on how personal information is handled in each service.

Revisions to this web site
JAF may change and revise the content of “JAF’s Handling of Personal Information.” Users will be notified of any revisions on this page as required.

6. Handling of Personal Information of Minors

When a minor provides personal information, we recommend that the minor obtain permission from his/her guardian in advance. (We use questionnaires or inquiries from minors, and when personal information is provided, JAF presumes that the guardian’s permission has been given.)

7. Retained Personal Data

(1) Requests for disclosure of retained personal data

The owner of the “retained personal data” or his/her proxy may request that JAF disclose, correct or suspend use of this data.
The primary “retained personal data” that would be eligible for disclosure is as follows:

1. Member number 2. Name 3. Address
4. Telephone number 5. e-mail address 6. Gender
7. Birth date 8. History of membership and renewal 9. Method of payment for membership dues
10. Names of family members and registered information 11. Information on delegates stipulated in the Act on General Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations 12. History of road service use
13. Information on motor sports registration

(2) Process for disclosing “retained personal data”

When members request disclosure, we ask that the individual fill out all of the necessary information in the application designated by JAF, attach the necessary documents, and mail it to the nearest JAF branch counter or visit a branch to submit it.
Please download the designated application from JAF’s website or request the document from the nearest JAF branch counter.
We cannot respond to requests for disclosure made by telephone

(3) Documents to be submitted with requests for disclosure of “retained personal data”

When requesting disclosure, the following documents are required:

(4) Procedure for requesting disclosure through proxy

If the person requesting disclosure is the legal guardian of a minor or adult ward of the courts, or an agent authorized by the individual for this request for disclosure, in addition to the documents listed in (3) above, the following documents will also be required.

[1]In the case of the legal representative of a minor or adult ward of the court. (if the individual in question is a minor or adult ward of the courts)

  • Application designated by JAF
    Request for Disclosure of Retained Personal Data: Application for legal representative (PDF): 1 copy
  • Documents required to confirm that the representative has the authority of statutory representation (official copy of family register or, if the representative has parental authority, a copy of the insurance document listing him/her as a dependent): 1 copy
  • Documents needed to confirm that the individual is the legal representative of a minor or adult ward of the court (copy of official documents with picture such as the legal representative’s driver’s license or passport)

[2] In the case of an authorized representative

(5)Fees for request for disclosure and payment method

The following fees are charged for one request for disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure and notifications of purpose of use.
The fees can be paid in cash on receipt or cash can be sent by registered mail.

Method for receiving response Fee for disclosure
Received at a branch 770 yen (consumption tax included)
Sent by mail Above amount plus cost of postage and the cost of simplified registered mail

If the fee is not enclosed or the fee is not paid in full, we will contact you to this effect, but if the fee is not paid within the requested timeframe, we will assume that the disclosure was not requested.

(6) Response to request for disclosure

Disclosure of retained personal data is received in writing at a branch or sent by mail.
In principle, the disclosed documents are mailed (simplified registered mail) to the address that the member registered or mailed to the address that someone other than the member noted in the application requesting disclosure.
As soon as the request for disclosure and the fees are received, we will begin the process for disclosure so that we can reply without delay, but we will contact you separately if it will take a significant amount of time.

(7) Decision not to disclose information in response to request for disclosure

JAF is unable to disclose the information when disclosure is requested in the following cases:

  • There are problems with the designated application;
  • We are unable to confirm the applicant’s identity in the application provided by the applicant;
  • We are unable to confirm the authority of statutory representation when the application is submitted by a representative;
  • The information requested does not pertain to JAF’s “retained personal data;”
  • There are concerns that it would harm the individual’s or a third party’s life, body, financial assets or other rights and interests;
  • There are concerns that it would significantly impede the appropriate implementation of JAF’s work;
  • Cases in which other laws would be violated.

Revised on July 1, 2017

Inquiries regarding personal information

Please direct your inquiries in regards to requests for the disclosure, correction or discontinuation of use of personal information or the handling of personal information to the following:
Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information

Name of authorized personal information protection organization and contact for resolution of complaints

Name of authorized personal information protection organization to which JAF belongs: JIPDEC

Contact for resolution of complaints:

Consultation Office for Complaints on Protection of Personal Information

Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032

Telephone number: 0120-700-779/03-5860-7565

An authorized personal information protection organization is an organization that has been authorized by the Personal Information Protection Commission based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

The authorized personal information protection organization is responsible for handling complaints regarding the handling of personal information by the applicable business, provide information that helps to ensure that a relevant business handles personal information appropriately, operations required to ensure that the applicable business handles personal information appropriately, and preparation of guidelines and guidance so that the applicable complies with the guidelines.

JAF is one of the target entities of the authorized personal information protection organization.

This is not a contact point for inquiries regarding JAF’s services.

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