Protection and Management of Personal Information


To ensure that personal information sent by the customer is secure on this website, customers’ information is protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer; the standard security technology for sending information in encrypted form on the Internet). Using a browser that supports SSL will ensure that the customer’s personal information is automatically encrypted.


JAF’s website uses cookies to gain insights regarding log-ins to member-only content and site access.

What are cookies?

 Cookies are a mechanism for saving the access log as a file on the customer’s computer that is sent between the browser and the server when using JAF’s website. When the customer accesses the same page the next time, the information in the cookies is used so that the page administrator can change how the information is shown to each customer.
 When the customer allows cookies, the website can acquire cookies from the user’s browser.

Cookie settings

  • You can choose whether to allow us or third-parties (e.g. our analytics and advertising partner) to set cookies which are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website via the cookie banner or the link located in the footer on the bottom of each of our websites. You may also set your browser to refuse cookies. Please check the “help” menu for your browser for instructions on setting cookies.
  • Please note that if you select the option of blocking all cookies, you may face limitations in using services on the Internet, such as the inability to receive services that require authentication.

JAF uses cookies for the following purposes

  • To provide services that are customized to each customer by referring to the customer’s registered information that has been saved when the customer logs in to authentication services.
  • To study the number of JAF site users and traffic to our site.
  • To provide content and services suitable for customers and to improve JAF services.
  • To encourage customers to reenter (re-authenticate) their password after a certain amount of time has passed since their last use to ensure security.

JAF may save and refer to cookies via third parties based on the consignment of JAF advertising distribution to third parties.

Handling of Access Logs

We use Google Analytics and acquire the access log data to analyze and examine access for this website. Access log data is user information that is recorded such as the time of access, name of Internet provider, type of OS, browser name and version. Also we acquire user information via cookies. In order to improve the accuracy of the analysis and study, the member ID entered when the customer views this site and other identifying information is encrypted and sent to the aforementioned access analytical tool in a format that makes it impossible to identify the individual. The data thus acquired is used to improve the administration of the website and is reflected in the content of the e-mail magazine and other publications sent based on personal information such as the e-mail address already provided by the user.
 Users who do not want their information to be acquired in this way can block this by adjusting their cookie settings with the cookie banner displayed on each of our websites, or changing their browser settings. For details, refer to “Cookie settings” above and change the cookie settings on your browser. Please keep in mind that there may be some functions on this site that cannot be used if cookies are blocked.

Member procedures

  • Please sign or seal the membership and membership renewal forms.
  • When changing his/her address, JAF must confirm his/her member registration using the member number and registered address, name and telephone number.
  • In principle, requests for address changes can only be made by the individual concerned.
  • ・The membership agent may contact members who joined or renewed their membership via such agent regarding procedures for renewal. In this case, only the information needed to renew memberships is provided to the relevant membership agent. This agent will not use the information for any purpose other than renewal.
  • We may provide information on member status and notifications to companies affiliated with JAF (membership agent, etc.) when you become a member or renew membership.
  • We may provide information on various procedures after membership is cancelled.
  • We may provide information on membership and other services based on referrals from members and affiliated companies.

Road service

When using road services, JAF will ask for the member number, address, location in which they need help, contact information and telephone number, and status of breakdown. However, in addition to identifying the user’s location, the vehicle requiring help and the individual concerned, this personal information may be used for the following purposes.

  • JAF may provide information on membership status to JAF affiliated companies (membership agent, etc.) and communications when road service is provided.
  • After the member has received road service, JAF may send a questionnaire about the experience.
  • People who received road service but are not members may subsequently receive information on JAF membership.
    Personal information acquired when road service is used may be provided to garages designated by JAF for road service . The purpose of use for personal information in these cases is limited to the aforementioned scope. Garages designated by JAF for road service do not use the personal information provided by JAF for other purposes.

Motor sports

The personal information acquired through applications and reports related to motor sports (license issuance, issuance of various certifications, registrations for clubs and organizations, certification for license courses, authorization to organize competitions, list of competition results, etc.) is used as follows.

  • To send the motor sports journal.
  • To communicate about procedures related to motor sports.
  • To build a database of competition results and records and release these results.
  • To post on the registry for registered clubs and organizations .(representative’s name, name of person in charge of contacts, point of contact.)
  • To send notifications about licensing lectures.(name of instructor.)
  • Information about questionnaire on motor sports.
  • To prepare motor sports data.

In addition, JAF acquires personal information indirectly through clubs and organizations registered with JAF, and this information is treated the same as personal information obtained directly. (Please refer to the respective clubs and organizations for information on how personal information is handled by these clubs and organizations.)

Events and special member facilities

  • In cases in which JAF events are held in affiliation with tourist facilities, the participants’ personal information may be provided to the tourist facility (provided to a third party) or used jointly with the tourist facility. In this case, participants shall be notified separately in the application for attendance. Participants should apply with the understanding that their personal information will be used.
  • When attending JAF events or using special member facilities and personal information is provided to the facilities, personal information is handled according to the facilities’ standards. Please take advantage of these events and facilities after confirming the relevant facility’s policies on handling personal information.
  • When using special member facilities, you may have to provide or present your member number. In this case, this facility will use the information associated with the member number only to confirm the JAF member’s identity. JAF only responds to inquiries from the facility to confirm the member’s enrollment.

International operations such as translation of foreign driver’s licenses and Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD)

Customers’ personal information is used in the following ways in JAF’s international operations.

  • When issuing translations of foreign driver’s licenses, the personal information needed to issue this translation may be provided to JAF’s service providers.
  • The personal information obtained in issuing CPD (an international customs document for the temporary export/import of one’s own car) is obtained and used so that JAF can appropriately issue the document.
  • In issuing CPD, JAF provides the relevant personal information if there are inquiries from Japan’s and other country’s customs administrations and other CPD-related organizations in line with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • In issuing CPD, JAF provides the relevant personal information if there are inquiries from Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., the insurance company that underwrites CPD insurance, concerning the insurance user (including the guarantor).
  • The personal information obtained so that JAF can send articles and materials related to international operations, such as the foreign language editions of the Rules of the Road, to customers are not used for purposes other than this.

When acquiring personal information in situations other than those described above, we will specify the purpose of obtaining this information and the purpose for using it.

※ These services are limited to residents of Japan.

Use of mail order sales, book sales, insurance and other services

Mail order sales of goods, books and insurance are handled by JAF affiliates. When using these sites, personal information is handled in line with these companies’ policies. Please confirm these policies before use.

Goods and insurance JAF Services Co., Ltd.
Books and
JAF Mate journal
JAF Media Works Co., Ltd.

※ These services are limited to residents of Japan.


JAF occasionally asks for cooperation with questionnaires and surveys. The purpose of acquiring personal information in these questionnaires and surveys and their purpose of use is stipulated inJAF’s Policy on Handling Personal Information and is also specified in each case.
The personal information that JAF obtains in questionnaires and surveys is not provided to third parties, in principle. However, JAF may use the questionnaire and survey results as statistical data that does not include personal information, or provide or release it to a third party.