Options and Fees

Understand JAF in just three minutes!

Watch this video for a simply explanation of what JAF is all about and the benefits that come with joining JAF.
The video is in Japanese.

These points set JAF apart: JAF’s advantages


About one in every five people* with driver’s licenses are JAF members.

Reliable services that give the peace of mind that has made JAF the key choice for more than 50 years

*Number of current JAF members/ Number of people with driver’s licenses


Full line-up of member benefits that can be used anytime, anywhere in the country!

Each person uses these benefits about two times*! Member services that are worth knowing about

*Number of people using member services annually/Number of current JAF members

About 47,000 special member facilities nationwide! Many benefits even if you never have problems with your car or motorcycle!


Services that are not for your car, but for people!

The wide range of areas covered by our road service is proof of the peace of mind JAF can give you!

0 yen for JAF members

Available 24 hours nationwide year-round, never closed

Flat batteries on general roads

Non-members: 13,130 yen (including tax)

[Nighttime (8pm to 8am) costs 15,230 yen (including tax)]

Change to spare tire on general roads

Non-members: 11,230 yen (including tax)

[Nighttime (8pm to 8am) costs 13,330 yen (including tax)]

Key locked in the car on ordinary roads

Non-members: 13,130 yen (including tax)

[Nighttime (8pm to 8am) costs 15,230 yen (including tax)]

Out of fuel on the expressways

(Cost of fuel is market price)

Non-members: 16,770 yen (including tax) + transportation costs

[Nighttime (8pm to 8am) costs 19,900 yen (including tax)]

Even if it’s not your car

No limit on the number of times you can call for help

Your house or a public parking lot are fine!

Mopeds and motorcycles are fine!


You might think that the road service that comes with auto insurance is enough, but JAF plus insurance gives you even more peace of mind!

If you sign up for auto insurance affiliated with JAF, you will receive plus something extra service (see above) along with the regular JAF member road services, which comes with many advantages. JAF members can use road services that are not covered by their auto insurance.

Membership programs

JAF has three types of membership programs.

You can receive JAF services no matter which kind of membership program you join.

The services differ depending on the type of program. Please choose the best program for the way you use your car.

Initial membership fee and annual fee (Individual membership, family membership, corporate membership)

  • Individual membership
  • Family membership
  • Corporate membership
One-year membership+ Automatic renewal
One-year membership Two-year membership Three-year membership Five-year membership
Joining fee 1,500 yen
500 yen savings
2,000 yen 1,500 yen
500 yen savings
1,000 yen
1,000 yen savings
2,000 yen savings
Annual fee 4,000 yen 4,000 yen 8,000 yen 12,000 yen 20,000 yen
Total 5,500 yen 6,000 yen 9,500 yen 13,000 yen 20,000 yen

We recommend one-year membership + automatic renewal for those joining online using a credit card.

No need to provide vehicle number

One-year membership + automatic renewal: When registering for a one-year membership, please enter the details on the bank account or credit card that will be used for the renewal payment. Only credit cards can be used for online membership.

Joining fee Free
Annual fee 2,000 yen

No need to provide vehicle number

The expiration date for family membership is the same as the expiration date for the individual membership in question. Depending on when you join, your membership for the first year may be less than a year (the annual fee will still be 2,000 yen).

Joining fee 2,000 yen Only when joining
Specified corporate membership fee 2,000 yen Per company
Specified vehicle fee 2,000 yen Per vehicle fee
  • The initial membership fee and annual fee are not subject to taxes
  • Specified corporate membership fee: Annual fee paid for each company (organization)
    Specified vehicle fee: Annual fee for each vehicle registered by the company (organization)