JAF offers many membership benefits other than road service that can be used on a daily basis. Once you become a member, JAF will introduce you to benefits and services you are sure to enjoy.

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Individual membership

Main services and benefits

Other benefits

JAF Mate

JAF sends out a journal 10 times a year that is packed with helpful information on road trips and lifestyles, including special editions on cars and traffic safety.


JAF PLUS, a timely and beneficial informational magazine full of time-limited information on member benefits and coupons, as well as information on your region, is sent together with JAF Mate.

JAF User Guide

Information on membership benefit facilities is listed in three separate pamphlets by genre and sent once a year. Save these guides for later use.

JAF Drive Map

JAF has nine different types of maps, including wide-area maps convenient for road trips, guides to expressways, member benefit facilities and information on tourist spots. JAF sends out a map just for the region in which you live once a year, and will present you with the number of maps corresponding to the number of years in which you have been a member, free of charge.

License Classes

JAF holds a range of classes to earn motor sports licenses throughout the country. Licenses can be renewed by following the instructions at “JAF my page.”

FIA Global Services

Even while traveling overseas, JAF members can present their membership ID card to receive services at overseas auto clubs in over 70 countries and regions while on overseas trips, including road service and travel information.

Global Discounts Program

With your membership card in hand, JAF members can use leisure facilities, restaurants, shopping facilities and hotels in over 50 countries and regions around the world at a special rate. No complex procedures are required. The necessary logo mark is printed on the membership card.

Family membership

Individual membership

Other benefits