FIA Members

The members of the affiliated automobile clubs of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) or the AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme) who travel in Japan are entitled to services equivalent to JAF regular members under the FIA reciprocal agreement.

Our services are available up to a year from the date they entered Japan. To obtain our services, club members must present their home club’s valid membership card which usually bears the FIA or AIT logo.

This is the courtesy service only for travelers; residents in Japan are requested to join JAF as a new member to receive our services.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Note: In the case of trouble with a rental cars in Japan, visitors should contact the rental car company first.

Contact Information
Call #8139 to reach the nearest operation center automatically. This number is available from fixed and mobile phone which is based on touch-tone style. Alternatively call 0570 00 8139 accessible by all types of telephone except for PHS mobile phone.

On expressways, use an emergency telephone.
As there are a few roadside assistance providers other than JAF running roadside assistance on expressways at commercial basis, any services calls based on FIA/AIT Reciprocity must be made at JAF. Otherwise, service fee will be charged.

Breakdown Service
Roadside assistance vehicles are on call 24/7 throughout the country for passenger cars and motorcycles. For any member of FIA/AIT affiliated clubs who presents a valid home membership card with FIA/AIT logo, basic roadside assistance service on the road will be provided free of charge. Separate parts must be paid for.

Towing Service
If a car or a motorcycle cannot be repaired on the spot, free towing service to the nearest garage is also available up to 15km. If it exceeds this allowance, JPY 720 per every one km is payable.

Aadvice & Information

Services provided only in Japanese. For further information, please call JAF branch offices.

Touring & Road Information
Touring information, route recommendation: Free of charge. Call JAF branch offices.

Technical Service
Advice free of charge.

Legal Service
Advice free of charge.

JAF Drive Maps (up to three maps in Japanese): Free of charge.
Road maps, atlases, guide books are on sale at each branch offices at 10% discount for members of any FIA/AIT affiliated clubs.

Travel Activities

Travel agency is not available. Recommendation of contracted outside travel agencies provided.

JAF Discount Program

JAF is one of the affiliated clubs of the world-wide discount service network (Show Your Card! etc.).

Foreign club members who present their valid home club membership card carrying either logo below is eligible to receive discounts from JAF discount partner facilities. Follow this link to find savings for foreign club members.

AAA DISCOUNTS REWARDS/ARC europe Show your Card!

NOTE: As of 31 October 2016, JAF has terminated JAF temporary membership card issuing service for foreign club members. Please show your membership card to obtain JAF services.