For Motor Vehicles

Turning Right at an Intersection

When you are about to turn right at an intersection, you see an oncoming large truck that is not turning. What do you do?

Turning Left on Red

Is it okay to turn left at red lights?

Stop Signs

When you are about to drive through an intersection without traffic lights and with a stop sign, and there are no pedestrians or moving vehicles.

Crossing a Level Crossing

When crossing a level crossing without its signals activated, what do you do?

Wearing Seatbelts

You must wear seatbelts in the front seats. Is wearing seatbelts in the rear seats required?

Yellow Arrow Traffic Signal

The traffic signals at the intersection up ahead have changed, as shown on the left. May vehicles turn right?

Proceeding in the Zebra Zone

You want to turn right at the intersection but cannot proceed because the through lane is congested. You could get to the right-turn lane by passing through the white striped zebra zone on the right side. What would you do?

Proceeding on the Expressway

After switching from the slow lane to the passing lane to overtake a vehicle ahead, if the expressway is open, it is okay stay in the fast lane.

U-turns on General Roads

You're about to make a U-turn but there are markings on the road as shown on the left. There are no pedestrians or vehicles in the vicinity. What would you do?