Drive with a foreign license (For individuals with driver’s licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia and Taiwan)

[To persons connected to the Olympic and Paralympic Games]
If you are with the Olympic and Paralympic Games and wish to apply for the Japanese translation of foreign driver’s license as a group, be sure to contact your nearest JAF office in advance.
Only those with valid licenses from Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Estonia, Monaco and Taiwan are eligible to drive in Japan with a Japanese translation attached. Please be aware that the Japanese system does not allow you to drive with licenses from other countries.
Bulk translations will take an extended number of days. Please allow for more time than usual for issuance. For more information on how long it may take, please call the number linked below.

[Things to keep in mind when applying]
  • Has your driver’s license expired? We cannot issue translations for expired licenses.
  • Are all of your application documents in order? (Application form, color copies of the front and back of the license, issuance fee, return postage.)
  • Does the color copy of your driver’s license clearly show your name, date of expiration, and type of license?
  • It usually takes one to two weeks for the translation to arrive in your country. Please apply well in advance.

Driving in japan with a foreign drive's license

  • The Road Traffic Law stipulates that individuals with driver’s licenses issued in the above countries/regions are allowed to drive vehicles complying with Japanese laws and regulations only when they carry both the original license issued in the above countries/regions and a Japanese Translation of such issued by JAF, or foreign embassies or consular offices in Japan.
  • Those who drive vehicles in Japan must carry the Japanese Translation of the license with them at all times, together with the original driver’s license issued in the countries/region above.
  • The effective period of the Japanese Translation is one year from the date of entry into Japan. (For re-entry after leaving Japan, the effective period is one year from the date of re-entry.) However, conditions vary for those who registers as a resident or as a foreign national in Japan, leaves and reenters this country within three months. For details, please contact the Driver’s License Center that has jurisdiction over the region where you reside.
  • When you are driving, police may request that you present your passport to check the days elapsed from your entry into Japan.
  • You are not allowed to drive vehicles in Japan beyond one year from your entry into Japan, even if the Japanese Translation is attached to your license.
  • Those who intend to stay in Japan for a long period and drive are recommended to obtain a Japanese driver’s license. You can apply to switch your current license to a Japanese driver’s license if you have the aforementioned Japanese Translation. For details, please contact the Driver’s License Center that has jurisdiction over the region where you reside.

Japanese translation sample

A Japanese Translation (the type of Before December 2017)

A Japanese Translation

A Japanese Translation (the type of since December 2017)
*Copy Protection Paper

About the Japanese Translation of Foreign Driver’s License

  • JAF and all its branch offices around the country are designated by the National Public Safety Commission to provide the Japanese translation attached to driver’s licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia and Taiwan.
  • The term of validity of the translation is the same as that of the driver’s license, which means the translation can be used until the expiration date of your driver’s license. However, you need to obtain the translation again upon renewal of your driver’s license or when an item indicated on the license is changed, for instance by change of address.
  • Please note that JAF is not able to issue the translation of a foreign driver’s license in certain cases. Some embassies and consulates in Japan provide the translation, so please inquire the respective institution.

Application for Japanese Translation

Japanese translation of a foreign driver’s license can be obtained at JAF Branch Offices issuing Japanese translation of driver's license located across the country.
Applications via mail are also accepted when the applicant cannot visit the office.
*We strongly recommend the application by mail to protect yourself from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Documents required

Bring the required documents to your nearest JAF Translation Office.(Application by proxy is accepted if the applicant is unable to visit the office.)

  • 1. Application form for Japanese Translation of foreign driver’s license:
    The form can be downloaded from this page, and the application form is also available at the JAF counter If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact your nearest JAF office by telephone to obtain the form via fax or other method.
  • Download Instructions

    Download Application Form

    * The application forms are written in the respective language and Japanese.

  • 2. A driver’s license (original license, in principle):
    Your license will be returned as soon as we copy it. Photocopies are accepted if you are not able to bring the original license. In that case, please prepare clear photocopies of the front and back of the license, preferably in color, that allow the inscriptions on the license to be read clearly.

Issuance fee

3,000 yen per license
*A fee of 3,000 yen is also charged for re-issuance when the license is lost or for other reason.

Days required for issuance

As of now, we do not issue the translations on the same day. The processing time varies depending on the issuing country, condition, content of the driver’s license, and JAF Branch Office. For details, please contact your nearest Branch Office in advance.

Application by mail

  • Send the application form for Japanese translation of a overseas driver’s license (use the application form downloaded from the JAF website), a copy of your driver’s license (including copies of the front and back of the license, preferably in color and clear enough that the text on the license can be easily read) with the issuance fee of 3,000 yen plus return postage of 500 yen (3,500 yen in total) by registered postal cash envelope to a JAF branch that accepts applications by mail.

    * The return postage (including charge for service) will be 500 yen for two translations and 600 yen for three or more translations in the case of sending to the same address if requesting translation of more than one license.

  • Applications are only accepted from Japanese addresses, and the return address must be within Japan and match the address submitted on the application.
  • It takes approximately one to two weeks from application to delivery.

    * Please note that JAF does not accept the application (including the transmission of issuance fee) from overseas and that JAF does not send the Japanese Translation to overseas.

Other important notice

Please note that JAF does not offer translation services for International Driving Permits. The effective period of the Japanese Translation is the same as that of the original driver’s license. When the license is renewed or its inscriptions are changed, such as an address change, a new Japanese Translation must be obtained.

Privacy Policy

JAF uses the personal information obtained through its translation issuance operation only for the purposes of performing the operation explained above properly, and it never discloses such information to third parties unless the person in question has given his/her explicit consent. Please note, however, that there are cases where JAF entrusts the required personal information to an organization to which JAF consigns issuance of the translation. Moreover, if an official body such as a court or the police requests JAF to disclose or provide such personal information by law or regulation, we may provide the information to the relevant body.Please check Personal Information Handling for other personal information handling.

Before you driving in japan

Japan Automobile Federation introduces Japan's fundamental rules of road on English webpage.
Take as look and have a safe, informed drive!