E.design Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Major Services Incidental Liability Insurance Only JAF + Incidental Liability Insurance
Cost of parts and consumables needed for emergency repair on site
Up to ¥4,000 paid by E.design Insurance Co., Ltd.*1
Cost for on-site emergency response
Free of charge up to 30 miniutes
Free of charge (to be paid by e-Design Insurance)
Towing and transport
Free of charge up to 100km
Free of charge up to 115km
Flat battery
Fuel outage (gasoline / diesel)
△Limited number of times.*1
Free fuel for fuel outage*2
Once per insured period
Twice per insured period
Locked out
Spare tire exchange for flat tire
Emergency repair for flat tire
Not covered
○ Covered
Attaching and detaching snow chains
Not covered
○ Covered
Pulling stuck vehicles from snow or mud, etc.
△Partially covered.*3
○ Covered
Accidents / failures caused by natural disasters
△ Partially covered (earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis not covered)
○ Covered

The above services are covered only if you call the roadside hotline in advance.

  • *1Up to one time during the policy period.
  • *2Up to 10 liters at a time.
  • *3Excludes roads that are unsuitable for normal automobile driving and on snow-covered roads, only when requirements are met.
    ・Equipped with snow tires or chains.
    ・User has done a considerable amount of snow removal work but the problem has not been solved.