Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.

Major Services Incidental Liability Insurance Only JAF + Incidental Liability Insurance
Cost of work and parts exceeding free services
Nisshin Fire & Marine covers up to 5,000 yen*1
Towing and transport
500,000 yen limit
500,000 yen limit*2
Flat battery
Fuel outage (gasoline / diesel)
△ Limited usage*3
○ No limit on times or places of usage
Free fuel for fuel outage*4
△ Limited usage*3
Compliant to provisions under incidental liability insurance.
Locked out
Spare tire exchange for flat tire
Emergency repair for flat tire
Not covered
○ Covered
Attaching and detaching snow chains
Not covered
○ Covered
Pulling stuck vehicles from snow or mud, etc.
○ Covered
Accidents / failures caused by natural disasters
△ Partially covered
(earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis not covered)
○ Covered
  • *1Excluding fuel costs.
  • *2Excluding free services for JAF members.
  • *3Expressway/toll-roads, ordinary roads. Once each per insured period.
  • *4Maximum 10 liters per fuel outage.
  • *5On the road.
  • *As of January 2023.

Effective from the start of insurance in January 2019


When requesting help, please call your auto insurance company's contact center and tell them that you are a JAF member.

(JAF members will, in principle, be passed on to JAF with the customer’s permission.)

  • Some auto insurance policies do not include road service.
  • Please contact your auto insurance company with any questions about insurance policies.

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