National Federation of Motor Insurance Cooperatives

Hokkaido Motor Insurance Cooperative / Tohoku Motor Insurance Cooperative / Kanto Motor Insurance Cooperative / Chubu Motor Insurance Cooperative / Nishi-Nihon Motor Insurance Cooperative

Major Services Incidental Liability Insurance Only JAF + Incidental Liability Insurance
Cost of parts and consumables
The Cooperatives covers up to 7,000 yen*1
Towing and transport
Free of charge up to 150,000 yen*3
Free of charge up to 150,000 yen*2, *3
Flat battery
△ Limited usage*4
○ Unlimited usage
Fuel outage (gasoline / diesel)
△ Limited usage*4, *5
○ Unlimited usage
Free fuel for fuel outage*4
Once per mutual aid insured period*5
Twice per mutual aid insured period*5
Locked out
Spare tire exchange for flat tire
Emergency repair for flat tire
Not covered
(Applicable to emergency repair using repair kit attached to the vehicle.)
○ Covered
Attaching and detaching snow chains
Not covered
○ Covered
Pulling stuck vehicles from snow or mud, etc.
△ Partially covered*5, *7
○ Covered
Accidents / failures caused by natural disasters
△ Partially covered
(earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis not covered)
○ Covered
  • *1Parts and consumables for emergency repair, limited to once per mutual aid insured period. Applicable only when the help desk is notified in advance.
  • *2Excluding free services for JAF members.
  • *3Maximum is the total of tow truck costs and emergency rescue costs combined. Covered up to 1,000,000yen for some type of vehicle such as large-size vehicle when having a special contract.
  • *4Up to three times for flat battery and once for fuel outage per mutual aid insured period.
  • *5Applicable only when help desk is notified in advance.
  • *6Up to 10L at a time (up to 20L for some models of large vehicles, etc. due to special contracts.) Not covered for fuel outage at home parking lots or the equivalent.
  • *7Covered pulling stuck vehicles from snow when using winter tire or tire chain.


When requesting help, please call your auto insurance company’s contact center.

(JAF members will, in principle, be passed on to JAF with the customer’s permission.)

  • Some auto insurance policies do not include road service.
  • Please contact your auto insurance company with any questions about insurance policies.

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