President's Message

I would like to thank all of our members for their understanding and support.

The number of JAF members as of March 31, 2019 had reached 19,487,221, an increase of 301,529 over the previous year.

We will continue to strive to provide member services with enticing value that satisfy all of our members and reinforce our activities aimed at giving back to the community.

Through our road service, JAF is working to improve its comprehensive technical capacity so that, in addition to our real communication with customers via call center and roadside assistance, we can respond to problems in cars equipped with new technology. What’s more, we are developing a new system that introduces cutting-edge technology to quickly and efficiently dispatch road service patrol vehicles.

We not only offer classes on traffic safety in local communities, but also collaborate with relevant organizations and the mass media in our effort to protect pedestrians on crosswalks with no lights, and call attention to a wide range of problems in our role as an organization representing drivers.

In light of the frequent natural disasters in recent years, we are working to flexibly dispatch our JAF Road Service Task Force, which removes damaged vehicles and helps restore traffic routes. We also provide helpful information from the perspective of car users as needed.

The auto-related taxes imposed for buying and owning a car remain a heavy burden for car users in Japan, and Japan’s highway tolls—which are high compared to other countries—are also an economic burden. JAF will continue to collaborate with related organizations in an effort to serve as a strong advocate for improvements in the environment for car users.

By strengthening our collaboration with partner companies in providing special offers and discounts for members, we will augment our service menu and also use digital technology so that we can propose the optimal services for our customers’ lifestyles.

In motor sports, we are working to ensure the safety and fairness of competitions while also expanding the fan base for motor sports, which are a major pillar of Japan’s auto culture.

In the current environment, Internet technology is advancing at a rapid pace, offering substantial contributions in the form of improved convenience as well as new knowledge and information.

Under JAF’s basic philosophy of contributing to the sound development of autocommunity, we have begun a variety of initiatives to usher in a new mobility society.

While we expect technology to advance ever faster, JAF is always attuned to the voices of its members and, without losing sight of what truly matters, we make sure that we do not fall behind.

We ask for your continued support going forward.

Kazuhiro Fujii
Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)