President's Message

Amid the impact of COVID-19 over the past two years, JAF membership increased by some 152,962 compared to the same period last year, reaching a total of 20.09 million by the end of April 2022, thanks to our customers and the automobile industry. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your support, which has enabled us to reach this milestone of over 20 million members, as we continue in our journey of proactive implementation to further improve member satisfaction and deal with problems facing the industry.

Using overseas automobile clubs as reference, JAF was founded by the consensus of the automobile industry in 1963 to resolve various issues that were becoming apparent with the increase of foreign drivers visiting Japan and the development of motorization. Today, more than half a century later, the automobile environment has significantly grown and is changing at an accelerating rate.

In response to these changes in our environment, while meeting the expectations of automobile users and through dialogue and co-creation, JAF is also constantly changing and making progress in our businesses to support a safe and secure community.

As for road services, our vehicles and equipment are being upgraded to keep up with ever-evolving automobile technology such as EV and automated driving, as we train and educate our road service personnel. Furthermore, in order to provide more convenient road services at drivers’ fingertips, we are now considering offering those that can be completed over the phone or online.

To address environmental issues that have become a global concern in recent years, we have decided to do our part in the effective use of resources by reducing publications of our JAF Mate magazine beginning in 2022, from 10 to a quarterly of four per year. As an alternative, in mid-March 2022 we will launch our new website JAF Mate Online to provide updated information and services that can only be offered online. Through careful consideration of the global environment, JAF will continue to deliver experiences that make the best use of both print and website content.

JAF's social contribution activities range from assistance for disaster-stricken areas to traffic safety awareness, and community revitalization.

Heavy rain disasters caused serious damage to a great number of people again last year. To accurately respond to relief requests from disaster-affected customers even under severe conditions, JAF actively participates in disaster drills held by local governments and has established a system that enables prompt rescue in the event of a disaster.

This fiscal year, we conducted our sixth survey on pedestrian protection on crosswalks with no traffic signals. Results were again widely covered in the media. This year, the rate of stopping exceeded 30% for the first time, showing a continual rise since the survey began. However, the reality is that 70% of vehicles are still not stopping, thus we will continue to work with related organizations to promote awareness.

For members, new services such as the "JAF Health and Medical" and "Discount of JAF Electricity Charges" are being developed as life support services, and online contents that can be enjoyed at home such as the drive stamp rally and other events are being expanded.

Last year, while it looked as though motor sport events nationwide would be put on hold, we implemented various countermeasures against the spread of COVID-19 with the cooperation of everyone concerned and were able support the staging of JAF official competitions from top category competitions to auto tests that even beginners in motor sport could casually enjoy. Going forward, we will continue to work closely with motor sports clubs in each region to further revitalize the sport.

I look forward to your ongoing support of JAF, as we continue to do our best in our contribution to a healthy automobile society.

Kazuhiro Fujii
Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)