President's Message

Thanks to everybody’s understanding and cooperation, the number of JAF members reached a total of 20,501,000 as of the end of March 2024, an increase of more than 200,000 since the same period the previous year.

Through dialogue and co-creation, at JAF we are always asking ourselves what we can do to contribute to great changes in the mobility society, advancing our business activities while responding to social issues, protecting drivers’ rights and interests, further expanding member services, and promoting motor sports.

As for road services, in addition to trial operations in selected areas of on-site EV Recharging Services for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), we began a new service using a dedicated website that allows people who are unable to call JAF or have not downloaded the JAF app to easily request assistance when they need help with car trouble.

To keep up with ever-evolving automobile technologies, we have been upgrading our vehicles, equipment, and systems while proactively educating and training our road service staff.
In the area of social contribution, in the wake of the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake JAF organized and dispatched Emergency Road Service Task Force to Ishikawa Prefecture. With no base or depot near affected areas, our Emergency Road Service Task Force was dispatched from Kanazawa City, more than 100 kilometers away.

In FY2023, the survey on pedestrian protection at crosswalks without traffic signals was conducted for the eighth time with results covered by various media as in other years. This time, the stop rate was 45.1%, showing a steady increase since survey began. However, the reality is that more than half of the cars still do not stop. As such, we will continue to promote activities to raise awareness in cooperation with related organizations.

For membership services, we have renewed the Drive page on JAF NAVI with special information to help members enjoy going on drives that are planned, save, and secure. We will continue to enhance content that members can enjoy in various aspects of daily life and improving partner facilities for members to use regularly.

In motorsports, we supported many JAF-approved competitions across the country. We will continue to cooperate with motorsports clubs in each region to further energize these events.

Aiming for a better mobility society, JAF will continue to actively engage in various business activities. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Masayoshi Sakaguchi
Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)